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Category: Club News

January 2018 Bingo Dinner

Come join us for a fun night of social fun. Our kitchen will be preparing chicken fried steak, green beans, salad and desert. We will have door prizes and 15 games of blockbuster bingo.

Beerock-Noodle Soup Dinner 2017

This is a fun event, at which the Club hosts the largest crowd of the year. The price will remain at $10.00 per person, same as the previous years. For now you will get two famous Edison Social Club Beerocks and all the noodle soup you can eat while you are at the Club.

Get your tickets early and enjoy this dinner. Take Outs will include 32oz of Soup and two Beerocks, will be available between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. The price will also be $10.00.

Turkey Raffle 2017

As you know there are always plenty of turkeys hanging around the Edison Social Club on Thursday nights. Well, on November 16th, those turkeys will be raffling off the edible kind. Come on in for a great pasta dinner and a chance to take home a bird or two! Dinner is only $8 and will be served at 7:00 pm. Be sure to there early so you will have time to visit the turkeys behind the bar. We will be raffling off both Turkeys and Hams for your holiday feast.

November Bingo 2017

November 2017 Bingo

November 2017 Bingo

Come join us for a fun filled night. Dinner will be ribs and sauerkraut. Aftewards we will have 15 games of blockbuster bingo, social time, door prizes and fun. See you there and don’t forget to bring a friend.


2017 Crab and Shrimp Feed

Brother Keith Nilmeir will be chairing the crab/shrimp feed. The menu will be Crab and Shrimp, and/or Steak, Salad, Pasta, Bread and Butter. Dinner will be served at the tables. We have been told that the crabs are coming from the Pacific Ocean. The prices will be goin up for the first time in 8 years to $50 per person for the crab and shrimp or steak dinner. If you wish to have both, crab, crhip and steak the price will be $65 per person. Remember eat all you can but NO take outs. Get your tickets fast! RSVP by March 8th because after that the prices go up by $10.

Call to order your tickets at the office Tuesday – Wednesday 11 AM to 3 PM, Thursday 3 PM – 7 PM at 559-275-2636.

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