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Category: Bingo Dinner

November Bingo 2018

We Regret to inform everyone due to lack of signups we are having to cancel this months BINGO dinner.

Come one come all it’s time for a good old fashioned dinner. We’re cooking up chicken fried steak, potatoes, veggies and salad with a desert. Once dinner is done we’ll break out the bingo cards for 15 games of blockbuster bingo, door prizes and our 50/50 raffle. We look forward to seeing you there.

October Bingo 2018

Our bingo will be Chile Verde dinner with beans, rice, mexican salad and dessert. We will also have our signature 15 games of blockbuster bingo, door prizes and 50/50 raffle. We will also have a collection in memory of Roy Peterson who recently passed away this March.

September Bingo 2018

Brother Joseph is bringing back a special treat for this month’s Bingo. We will be serving a sweet italian pasta dinner with salad and desert. This bingo dinner will also feature our usual cast and crew including a 50/50 raffle, door prizes and our computer generated cgi enhanced action packed dolby surround sound 15 games of Blockbuster Bingo. It’s soo much fun it aught to be served with a warning. As a special note this Bingo is going to be on September 28th because the Edison Social Club is hosting The Central Valley Veterans Stand Down for the week of September 16 – 22nd. Be sure to order your tickets early as it help us prepare and have enough food. Remember if you order after 3pm on Wednesday September 26 then the cost goes from $16 to $20 per ticket.

August Bingo 2018

Our August Bingo will be chaired by Brother Matt and he is having a fun BBQ. He will be serving burgers with all the fixings, chips, fruit and popsicles for dessert. We will, of course, be our fantastic 15 games of blockbuster bingo, door prizes, and our 50/50 raffle. We want to see you there so don’t forget to order your tickets in advance to help us make sure we have plenty of food.

July Bingo 2018

Brother Sean Peterson is pulling out all the stops for the July Bingo. We’re having a good old fashioned Meatloaf Dinner served with mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, salad and role. There will also be our door prizes, 50/50 raffle and 15 games of Blockbuster Bingo. Be sure to bring a friend and come get out of the summer heat.

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