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Category: Dinner

Turkey Raffle 2018

Thursday November 15:

Our Chairman will be raffling both turkeys and hams (hopeful- ly we will be trying to get 30-40 of each). We might be need- ing help from our younger members if the turkeys get out of their pens and mix with the pigs. Dinner will consist of Pasta and Meatballs, Salad with Rolls and Butter. The ladies are also invited, so it would be nice to see a very good turnout of Members, Ladies and Friends of members. The dinner ticket will be $8.00 and the raffle ticket will be 6 for $5.00, or as much as you wish to spend.

August Bingo 2018

Our August Bingo will be chaired by Brother Matt and he is having a fun BBQ. He will be serving burgers with all the fixings, chips, fruit and popsicles for dessert. We will, of course, be our fantastic 15 games of blockbuster bingo, door prizes, and our 50/50 raffle. We want to see you there so don’t forget to order your tickets in advance to help us make sure we have plenty of food.

July Bingo 2018

Brother Sean Peterson is pulling out all the stops for the July Bingo. We’re having a good old fashioned Meatloaf Dinner served with mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, salad and role. There will also be our door prizes, 50/50 raffle and 15 games of Blockbuster Bingo. Be sure to bring a friend and come get out of the summer heat.

June Bingo 2018

No you’re not seeing wrong we’re having a June Bingo this year. Now that summer is here we want you to have a great night out at the park. We’re serving a gorument hot dog with the works, chilie beans, salad and desert.

Spring Noodle Soup Dinner 2018

This is a fun event, at which the Club hosts the largest crowd of the year. The price will be $12.00 per person. For now you will get two famous ESC Beerocks and all the noodle soup you can eat, while you are at the Club. You may, of course take home your Beerocks, if you so desire, but you may NOT take home any noodle soup. Get your tickets early and enjoy. TAKE-OUTS will be available between 3:00 – 5:00 pm, the price will also be $12.00 each. Take-outs will include a quart of Noodle Soup and 2 Beerocks. Tickets are on sale NOW.


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