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Crab and Shrimp Dinner 2018

Brother Keith Nilmeir will be chairing the crab/shrimp feed. The menu will be Crab and Shrimp, and/or Steak, Salad, Pasta, Bread and Butter. Dinner will be served at the tables. We have been told that the crabs are coming from the Pacific Ocean. The prices will be $55 per person for the crab and shrimp or steak dinner. If you wish to have both, crab, shrimp and steak the price will be $70 per person. Remember to eat all you can but NO takeouts. Get your tickets fast! RSVP by March 7th.

Call to order your tickets at the office Tuesday – Wednesday 11 AM to 3 PM, Thursday 3 PM – 7 PM at 559-275-2636.

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