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Boy Scouts of America Prepared for Life


Thur July 2: All are invited to a social gathering at 1 PM to come and enjoy each other’s company.

Thur July 9: Officers Installation

Thur July 16: July Bingo

Did you see the article about us in the Fresno Bee

3325 W Clinton Ave, Fresno, CA 93722

Call our office at (559) 275-2636

Digital Bingo

Game 2 Winner!

We have our secondwinner, a new game starts tomorrow Thur June 11 and will be 4 corners.

The Edison Social Club is trying out hosting a digital bingo during this time of Self Quarantining. Every day we will draw a new number and send it out. You can receive the daily bingo number in many different ways. We will email it out, text it to your cellphone or if you want you can call the Edison Social Club every day at 559-275-2636 and talk with our manager. Go to  to get your bingo card to play at home.

Stay connected

Want to receive text messages about upcoming events? Send a text to 559-475-8166 with the word Social and we’ll send you periodic texts about upcoming events. Don’t worry we won’t sell your number to anyone and we won’t flood your inbox with news.

Club Members

June 25 2020:

Brothers, we have had our nominations and elections for chairs for the upcoming year. In the meantime, you’re invited to a special social day next Thursday, July 2nd at 1 pm. All are welcome to come, hang out and catch up.

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