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Digital Bingo

Text Services

We regret to inform you that our text service is not working at this moment. We’re working on fixing this and hope to have it back up soon. In the meantime, you can still get the daily bingo numbers via email or by going to¬†

COVID 19 Update

With the resurgence of COVID 19 and Governor Newsom’s recent decree, we have decided that the Edison Social Club is once again closing its doors. We are unable to have any gatherings at the club at this time. After talking to those in charge we hope to re-open around September 15th. In light of that and in the interest to help the club stay afloat while we have no income we will be suspending the print edition of the newsletter after the august one until we have news of our re-opening. During that time please check our website and here to find out any updates we have. When we have a plan to reopen we will send out the next newsletter.

Club Members

July 16, 2020:

Brothers with regret we are canceling Bingo for July due to the closure request from Governor Nunes. We will NOT be having a Business Meeting tonight.

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